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AK Khan & Company Ltd

A.K Khan & Company Ltd. Also known as AKK is one of the leading private organizations of Bangladesh. The company was established back in 1947 just after the partition by Mr. Abul Kashem Khan who was initially a lawyer. He founded the organization in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Hence the headquarter of A.K Khan & Company is in Chittagong. From 1947 to 1958, the founder and the chairman MR. AK Khan established eight new companies under this organization. From thereon, the organization did not have to look back.

In just 10 years, they became the powerhouse and the biggest contributor to the country’s economy. At first, they started the journey with an insurance company and a financial institution. Slowly they approached the textile industry along with Jute, Plywood, Shipping, Irrigation and Electrical Goods. The expansion started in the 80s when they partnered with multinational textile, deep-sea fishing and telecommunication companies. The organization is still growing and planning to expand in the hospitality sector. Alongside that, they are planning to set up new businesses in power generation, textile, inland container terminal and real estate. Also, one of their biggest projects is the AKSEZ (A K Khan Special Economic Zone).

Currently, the company generates around 11 million USD. In the last 76 years, the ever-growing industry established around 15 businesses. These are A K Khan Water Health Bangladesh Ltd., A K khan Pen fabric Company Ltd., AKK- Union Bangladesh Ltd., A K Khan Telecom Ltd. Also known as AKTL, A K Khan Jute mill, A K Khan Match Factory, A K Khan Rubber Plantation, A K Khan Cold Storage Ltd., A K Khan Plywood Factory, A K Khan Securities, A K Khan & Company Ltd. C&F Division, Andhar Manik Tea State, Bengal Fisheries Ltd., Chittagong Textile Mills Ltd., CEAT A K Khan Ltd., Coats Bangladesh Ltd.
Mrs. Zebun Nahar Islam is the current chairman of A K Khan & Company and K A M Majedur Rahman is the acting CEO.


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