ABC Radio

Business Overview of ABC Radio


ABC radio (Ayna Broadcasting Corporation ltd.) is one of the most reputed FM radio stations of Bangladesh operating commercially since 7th January 2009. The broadcast of this station is headquartered in Kawranbazar, Dhaka and it covers the following 3 districts Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. ABC radio is a part of Mediastar Limited of Transcom Limited, one of the sister concerns of Transcom Group, like ‘The Daily Star’ (The Leading English newspaper) and ‘Chorki’ (a newly launched OTT platform). Currently, The Head of Operations of ABC Radio is Ehsanul Huq Tito and the Head of Programs is Gazi Sharmeen Ahmed.

The radio airs hourly news, entertainment shows and broadcasts commercial advertisements for earning revenue. Over the years it has created its strong presence in social media platforms and differentiated itself from the competitors by delivering quality content and bringing the most renowned artists and RJs into its shows. It has huge popularity for broadcasting reliable latest news updates every hour. Around 250 correspondents are working for the radio across the country. Besides, it has newsmen in important countries like India, Pakistan, the US, UK, and Japan.

Currently, ABC radio is one of the leading FM radio stations with almost 33 million listeners most of the days in a week and 4.3 million followers on its Facebook Page. The target market of this radio station is the youngsters with ages ranging from 13-30. So mainly the millennials and the Gen Z who seek a one-stop solution for entertainment, news updates, and current affairs, are the primary target audience of this Radio. The rise of social media platforms has made people shift from traditional media platforms to internet-based entertainment platforms. To overcome these issues, the company has been increasingly using new media platforms to reach a bigger audience and providing innovative services to ensure long-term sustenance in the market.