Company Overview of Abdul Monem Group

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Logo of Abdul Monem Limited

Abdul Monem Limited is a leading Bangladeshi diversified business conglomerate. The company‚Äôs main goal is to use the integrated valuable resources in order to create value-added products and services with a view to contributing the economic, social, and environmental progress of Bangladesh. The organization was founded in 1956 by the honorable Managing Director Mr. Abdul Monem and is currently run by him and his two eligible sons, Mr. Mainuddin Monem and Mr. Mohiuddin Monem who serve as the company’s Deputy Managing Directors (DMD). Abdul Monem Limited has successfully completed various projects over the last 56 years, including those financed by the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and the Islamic Development Bank.

Abdul Monem Limited is a Coca Cola bottler, a sugar refiner, a producer of Igloo ice cream, milk and dairy products, a producer of auto bricks, and selected construction materials, a financial services provider, an energy provider, and a business process outsourcing provider. The company started as a family-owned company and has evolved into a multi-disciplinary contemporary business organization by ensuring the establishment’s development has been a goal for many years.

AML has been the market leader in beverages since its inception. They never felt compelled to work with adversaries. Because AML can only distribute its products in half of the country, they formed a strategic collaboration with Tabani Beverage, which distributes in the other half. AML will supply Tabani Beverage with all items, and Tabani Beverage will only be allowed to distribute them within its own jurisdiction. Despite losing the authority to distribute across the country, AML made sure to use their whole production capacity by creating beverages for the entire country. Additionally, Abdul Monem Ltd. controls over 70% of the glass bottled beverage market. Furthermore, they deal with CSR program for street children, ServicEngine Limited, a sister concern of Abdul Monem Limited gave safety and hygiene products to the “Save the Future Foundation”.