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A.K. Khan & Company Ltd.

Business Overview of A.K. Khan & Company Ltd. A.K Khan & Company Ltd. Also known as AKK is one of the leading private organizations of Bangladesh. The company was established back in 1947 just after the partition by Mr. Abul Kashem Khan who was initially a lawyer. He founded the organization in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Hence the headquarter of A.K Khan & Company is in Chittagong. From 1947 to 1958, the founder and the chairman MR. […]

SWOT Analysis of Opsonin Pharmaceutical Limited

The SWOT analysis below will give a clear visualization of Opsonin Pharmaceutical Limited’s business situation to the readers. The analysis is a result of thorough research on the company’s profile and its activities historically and in recent times. Apart from the company structure and health, it also gives insights about the current trends, challenges, and prospects of the industry both in the Bangladeshi and global markets. This analysis can be used to understand this business […]

Opsonin Pharma Limited

Business Overview of Opsonin Pharma Limited Opsonin Pharma Ltd. Is one of the leading pharmaceuticals companies in Bangladesh, operating in the country since 1956. Initially, began its journey as a partnership business with the title ‘Opsonin Chemical Industries’, but later in 1976 it was enlisted as a private limited company and changed its name to Opsonin Pharma Ltd. in 2005. It was founded by the late Abdul Khaleq Khan and subsequently, the legacy is being […]


Business Overview of Shohoz The name of the place where life has become easy is Shohoz. It believes in the power of technology by which the pace of life is accelerated. It is a tech-based service provider. It started in 2014 to simplify the daily work plan of Bangladeshi people through fastest technology. Maliha M Quadir (Founding Managing Director) drives the company vigilantly to remain top in this sector with her supporting team. Shohoz super […]

ABC Radio

Business Overview of ABC Radio ABC radio (Ayna Broadcasting Corporation ltd.) is one of the most reputed FM radio stations of Bangladesh operating commercially since 7th January 2009. The broadcast of this station is headquartered in Kawranbazar, Dhaka and it covers the following 3 districts Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. ABC radio is a part of Mediastar Limited of Transcom Limited, one of the sister concerns of Transcom Group, like ‘The Daily Star’ (The Leading […]


Company Overview of Aarong Aarong (আড়ং), a name of excellence in desi brand, was established in 1978. The organization is owned by a non-profit development agency BRAC. It is a chain of department stores mainly presenting Bengali ethnic wear and handicrafts. Aarong operates twenty-two outlets all over the country from the head office- Aarong Centre, 346 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208. Aarong, is heading forward by the ownership of Ayesha Abed Martha Chen. She is also the […]


Company Overview of Abdul Monem Group Abdul Monem Limited is a leading Bangladeshi diversified business conglomerate. The company’s main goal is to use the integrated valuable resources in order to create value-added products and services with a view to contributing the economic, social, and environmental progress of Bangladesh. The organization was founded in 1956 by the honorable Managing Director Mr. Abdul Monem and is currently run by him and his two eligible sons, Mr. Mainuddin […]

Importance of Risk Management in Business

Risk management

Nowadays, corporations operate businesses in different dynamic ways. The success remains in the dark while operating companies. Various sorts of risks are being involved in business operations. Risk management importance plays a vital role in eliminating risks related to the business directly. The primary objective of any company is to maximize shareholders’ wealth. The companies’ shareholders appoint managers who take various investing and financing decisions to achieve the firm’s goals to maximize returns and minimize […]

Risk Assessment Process for Business

risk assessment

Are you the owner of your own business? Do you want to know how to conduct risk assessment process for a small business? Do you know most of the people fail to do their businesses because they do not assess their business risks, or they really are not aware of assessing risks but assessing is really an important and easy work to do.  People sometimes get confused and think, risk management process mean risk assessment […]

Disadvantages of Using a Credit Cards and The Ways to Deal with it

credit card disadvantages

Credit cards are one of the most popular ways to manage one’s finances. But having credit cards is not always prudent as they can turn out to be very tricky and costly. If someone is excited about all the perks and offers credit cards offer, he should also keep that in mind that failing to weigh the benefits accurately over the demerits can lead him to a distress situation. Disadvantages of using credit cards There […]

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