Grameenphone Telecom

Grameenphone Limited, the strongest mobile networks operator in Bangladesh, started its journey in 1997. [1] Initially, the company began as a private limited company, and later in 2007, it was enlisted as a public limited company. It is headquartered in Baridhara, Dhaka. The company is jointly ventured by Norwegian telecom service provider Telenor (55.8% of the company’s share), Grameen Telecom (34.2% share), and general investors (10%). [1] Currently, the company’s management consists of seven individuals: Yasir Zaman (CEO), Sazzad Hasib (CMO), Jens Becker (CFO), Rade Kovacevic (CTO), Syed Tanvir Husain (CHRO), Solaiman Alam (CDSO), and Kazi Mahboob Hassan (CBO). [2]

The network coverage of Grameenphone is 99.6% of the total population of the country. [1] To achieve this, it has invested BDT 313 billion so far to develop a strong network infrastructure in the country. [3] Its wide product portfolio includes Internet, Device, Value-added services, prepaid, postpaid, digital services, GP royalty management, financial services, business solutions & IoT, internet connection, and adjacent businesses. [3] GP is known for its innovative solutions and powerful network for valued customers. But the company always follows a premium pricing strategy for its products and services. Both the privileged segment and communities of remote areas are being served by this superior quality of network and services.

Over the years, GrameenPhone limited has differentiated itself from the market through its customer-centric brand. It has become the market leader with a 46.2% market share in terms of subscribers and more than 50% in terms of revenue. [4] In the year 2020, the company earned a profit of Tk 3,718.7 crore, up 7.7 per cent year-on-year. It has properly capitalized on the financial and experiential capability of its sponsor companies to dominate the market for such a long time. The industry is growing and the top management of GrameenPhone expects to continue excelling in the market with its visionary goals.

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