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Business Overview of Opsonin Pharma Limited

Opsonin Pharma

Opsonin Pharma Ltd. Is one of the leading pharmaceuticals companies in Bangladesh, operating in the country since 1956. Initially, began its journey as a partnership business with the title ‘Opsonin Chemical Industries’, but later in 1976 it was enlisted as a private limited company and changed its name to Opsonin Pharma Ltd. in 2005. It was founded by the late Abdul Khaleq Khan and subsequently, the legacy is being carried forward by his three sons Abdus Sabur Khan (Chairman), Abdur Rouf Khan (Managing Director), Abdur Rakib Khan (Deputy Managing Director). The company is headquartered in Ramna, Dhaka, and the enormous manufacturing estate is situated in Ruptoli, Barishal.

The company is now manufacturing 281 brands consist of more than 750+ pharmaceutical finished products including life-saving drugs. ‘Opsonin Pharma’ is the mother company of Opsonin Group that includes its six sister companies Opso Saline Limited, Global Capsule Limited, Global Heavy Chemicals Limited, Opsonin Bulk Drug Limited, Joky Garments Limited, and Devoy Distribution Limited. In the upcoming future, the pharmaceuticals company wants to expand its horizon by introducing Insulin, Biotech, Vaccines, Anti-cancer, and Hormone to its portfolio. The company has been using cutting-edge modern manufacturing facilities and a workforce of more than 10,000 experienced personnel to timely deliver quality drugs to people at an affordable price.

Opsonin Pharma had a 5.3 percent share in the 245b BDT sized local retail market, securing the 5th position out of 200-plus drug makers. Over the years, the company has achieved many of its milestones with the motto ‘’Ideas for Healthcare’’ and created a strong global presence by exporting top-tier quality drugs. Currently, it is serving 25 different countries around the globe. The company follows all the regulatory issues very diligently and focuses on ETP to produce environmental-friendly materials for a better world. It visions to be among the top-ranking pharmaceutical companies of the world by solving pharmaceutical needs with its finest quality and innovative products.


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